Foreign chambers laud planned ID number change

17 December, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT

Representatives of foreign chambers are praising the government's decision to change the numbering system of Alien Resident Certificates and Alien Permanent Resident Certificates.

According to European Chamber of Commerce CEO Freddie Höglund, the chamber has been studying the issue since 2010 and is very happy to finally be seeing a solution, as it will provide foreign nationals living here in Taiwan "easier access to e-commerce platforms."

However, Hoglund is cautioning that it could take some time to see if the "new programme is working well."


While AmCham Taipei President Leo Seewald says "the policy makes more people feel that Taiwan is their home."

The new numbering system for ARCs and APRCs will begin from 2 January 2021 and the ID numbers will be changed to one letter and nine digits, the same format used on Taiwanese ID cards.

The National Immigration Agency says the new numbering system will affect about 871,006 ARC and 20,408 APRC holders.

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