Taiwan This Week podcast

18 September, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


Listen in to a discussion and analysis of the important stories that affected Taiwan over the past seven days.



In this week's edition of ICRT's Taiwan this Week, host Gavin Phipps speaks with Nicola Smith of the UK's Telegraph and Klaus Bardenhagen, who reports from Taiwan for German media about another high level visit from the United States and an equally high level luncheon meeting in New York, the KMT's sudden withdrawal from the Straits Forum in Xiamen, Hong Kong's Secretary for Security calling for the return of five of its citizens who fled to Taiwan to seek political asylum, ruffled cross-strait feathers as the Wild Bird Federation was removed from an international partnership, the Council of Agriculture considering banning the ownership, breeding and sale of pit bull terriers, talk of banning motorcycles and scooters from sidewalks, and plans for the island's banks to go bilingual ahead of a 2030 schedule.



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