Taiwan This Week podcast

07 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


Listen in to a discussion and analysis of the important stories that affected Taiwan over the past seven days.



In this week's edition of ICRT's Taiwan this Week, host Gavin Phipps speaks with Donovan Smith and Sean Su about G-7 minister, the U-S State Department and others calling for Taiwan's inclusion in the World Health Assembly, the latest on the coronavirus vaccine situation, a Chinese man who claims to have sailed to Taiwan from Fujian Province in a rubber dingy to seek 'freedom, democracy,' life under the water shortage in an area affected by the rationing system, the strengths and weaknesses of Taiwan's media environment and at ways to combat disinformation, a rumpus at a police station that's led to claims that people no longer respect law enforcement authorities, and the Ministry of Culture selecting a state-owned news agency to operate the government's planned English-language video platform portal.

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