Taiwan This Week podcast

21 January, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Listen in to a discussion and analysis of the important stories that affected Taiwan over the past seven days.



In this week' edition of ICRT's Taiwan this Week, host Gavin Phipps speaks with Hsiao Hsin-cheng and from Kaohsiung by Michael Smith about the Central Epidemic Command Center announcing details of the government's digital coronavirus vaccination certificate; Vice president William Lai being slated to make two transit stopovers in the US as heads to and returns from attending the Honduran presidential inauguration; a Constitutional revision to lower voting age to 18 passing a legislative committee review; Slovenian's Prime Minister announcing plans for exchange of representative office with Taiwan; a Parliamentary Taiwan-Japan Security Partnership meeting and suggestions for a Tokyo version of the US' Taiwan Relations Act; and news that Pingtung County's household electricity will be going fully green by end of this year.

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