APRC holders to get stimulus vouchers

13 November, 2020

By ECCT staff writers

Premier Su Tseng-chang has announced that all permanent foreign residents holding Alien Permanent Residence Cards (APRCs) and diplomats will soon be eligible for the government’s so-called “triple stimulus” consumer vouchers. According to an announcement on the Executive Yuan’s official website, effective from Monday, 16 November 2020, all APRC holders and diplomats will be able to apply for the vouchers, whereby eligible persons pay NT$1,000 and receive NT$3,000 worth of vouchers, which can be used at a variety of retail and hospitality outlets across Taiwan. Previously, only APRC holders who were spouses of ROC citizens were eligible to apply for the vouchers. According to the announcement, this new measure would extend the voucher programme to an additional 13,000 foreigners in Taiwan (around 11,600 APRC holders and 1,400 diplomats).

Premier Su Tseng-chang says the government decided to widen the programme to APRC holders and diplomats as many have deep connections and affection toward Taiwan and have made significant contributions to the country.

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