Government mulls opening voucher stimulus programme to APRC holders

31 October, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


The government is considering allowing foreign nationals who hold Alien Permanent Resident Certificates (APRC) to buy into its economic stimulus voucher programme, according to Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Mei-hua.


Speaking to reporters, Wang said the cabinet had tentatively agreed to open the "Triple Stimulus Voucher Program" to the roughly 10,000 foreign permanent residents in Taiwan, adding that a formal announcement would be made once the plan was finalised.


Despite the fact that the programme only runs through the end of the year, Wang expressed confidence that there will still be demand for the vouchers, citing the Christmas holiday in December.


The government's voucher programme, which was launched on 15 July, allows Taiwanese citizens and their foreign or Chinese spouses with residency permits to purchase NT$3,000 worth of vouchers for NT$1,000.

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