Cabinet bans agencies from using Zoom

08 April, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan’s cabinet has banned government agencies from using the popular video-conferencing software Zoom.


The move comes amid concern the keys used to encrypt and decrypt Zoom meetings are being sent to servers in China.


According to Vice Premier Chen Qi-mai, who heads the Department of Cyber Security, government agencies are not allowed to use any software that raises security concerns, but will instead be encouraged to use domestically-developed software or products.

Chen said government agencies could also consider using free video-conferencing software developed by tech brands such as Google and Microsoft, if foreign developed platforms instead of domestic ones have to be used for purposes of international exchange.


Recent analysis of Zoom by the University of Toronto-based Citizen Lab found that Zoom employs about 700 staffers in China to develop software, and says that “may make Zoom responsive to pressure from Chinese authorities”.

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