MND to prepare report on extending military service

24 March, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Ministry of National Defense (MND) Minister Chiu Kuo-chen says his office will present an evaluation report later this year on whether or not to extend the current four-month mandatory training for conscripts.


But Chiu says even if the evaluation calls for extending the service period, the proposal will still have to be approved by the central government and put on public notice for one year before taking effect.


The MND minister says he personally believes the existing four-month-training period is inadequate to properly train people to become qualified soldiers so they can defend the country in the event of war.


His statements come amid calls by lawmakers to extend the period of mandatory military training for conscripts.


The Presidential Office has said that the MND ministry is taking all factors into consideration, but no final decision on extending the four-month training period has yet been made.

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