Local business chambers urge end to Covid restrictions

14 March, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Business and industry leaders are urging the government to lift border restrictions in late May.


The ROC General Chamber of Commerce chair Xu Shu-bo says representatives from business and industry groups met with President Tsai Ing-wen several days ago to convey the message.


Xu says Tsai told them that she'll discuss the issues with Premier Su Tseng-chang.


He notes that border restrictions and the requirement of two weeks of quarantine, while it's been reduced to 10 days, have greatly affected many sectors, especially the manufacturing industry.


If the situation of the coronavirus pandemic continues to improve with a higher vaccination rate, Xu says health authorities should consider a more open-door policy.


He also reminds the government to pay more attention to the problem of unstable power supply.


In other Covid news, the Civil Aeronautics Administration says it plans to outline a series of changes to cabin crew quarantine measures for long-haul flights.


The move comes amid complaints by airlines that the latest measures are too difficult to enforce.


The CECC had revised its quarantine regulations for flight crew last week.


They're currently required to quarantine for five days in a designated hotel or at home, if they live alone, and then adhere to self-health management for another five days.


But airlines are required to monitor all of their employees who are quarantining at home, and they have banned several flight crew members from doing that because there are concerns they could violate pandemic prevention regulations.


The Taoyuan District Court last week ruled in favour of four EVA Airways and China Airlines pilots last week, after they filed a lawsuit against their employers for being banned from quarantining at home.

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