MND's missile production to double

04 March, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of National Defense says the National Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology will soon complete upgrading and expanding its missile factory facilities, significantly increasing its ability to produce locally-developed missile systems.


According to the ministry, the state-arms manufacturer has been expanding its missile factory facilities over the past few years and the upgrade is expected to be completed in June.


The institute has spent NT$7 billion since 2018 to upgrade 80 missile related facilities and upgrades on 50 of them have been completed.


Defence officials say the upgraded facilities mean Taiwan will have the capability to increase annual production of the Tien-Kong and Tien-Jien surface-to-air missile systems as well as its Hsiung Feng anti-ship missile system in the near future.



In related news, Taiwan's military has stated it will make rolling adjustments to all three of its branches to assemble the most combat-effective military structure possible.


It made the announcement in a report handed to the Legislative Yuan today regarding international military sales to Taiwan and indigenous weapons and equipment.


And it comes on the heels of a US$100 million arms and services sale to Taiwan the US approved last month.


The military said it will be making adjustments to the type, number, and ratio of staff in its three branches in accordance with its Five-Year Defense S&T Application and Production Plan.


The report said it aims to strengthen defence and deterrence capabilities.

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