MOFA sets up Ukraine relief account

02 March, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has created a relief account for donations for Ukrainian refugees.


The says it has established a special account through the Disaster Relief Foundation, to provide a way for Taiwanese donations to reach Ukrainian refugees in Europe as quickly as possible.


Beginning today, the relief account will accept ATM and bank transfers, and beginning tomorrow, it will accept online credit and debit card payments.


MOFA says it has instructed Taiwan's representative office in Poland to contact the Polish government and NGOs, to finalize a pathway for the donations.


The account number is registered with the Land Bank of Taiwan (土地銀行), Changchun Branch, and the account number will be posted, along with a hyperlink, with this story on the ICRT website.


戶名 (Account Name): 財團法人賑災基金會

銀行名稱 (Bank Name): 土地銀行 長春分行

銀行帳號 (Account Number): 102-005-124-619

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