Transitional Justice Commission to be dissolved

25 February, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The cabinet has approved a plan to disband the ad-hoc Transitional Justice Commission.


The commission is now scheduled to be shut down at the end of May.


However, the cabinet says the government will be allowed to continue carrying out plans to promote transitional justice and human rights.


Those plans include an amendment to establish a "transitional justice board" under the Cabinet to review and coordinate tasks taken on by different government agencies after the commission is disbanded.


Details concerning the handover of the commission's duties to different ministries and agencies will now be sent to the legislature for approval.


Work related to the removal of authoritarian symbols and exoneration of the victims of political persecution during the martial law period is expected to be handled by the Ministry of the Interior.


The Ministry of Culture is likely to be responsible for preserving historical sites of injustice while the Ministry of Education could be tasked with promoting education pertaining to transitional justice and human rights.

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