Gender pay gap rises to 15.8%

23 February, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Labor says the hourly pay of male workers in Taiwan last year was at about NT$361 while that of female workers was NT$304. That represents a gender pay gap of 15.8%.


This means that women in Taiwan must work 58 more days to catch up with men in terms of annual earnings.


The number 58 is the reason why this year's equal pay day is being held on 27 February, which is the 58th day of the year.


Statistics might show women have received higher average annual pay hikes than men but the male-dominated manufacturing sector saw a pay rise of 5.5% per hour, thanks to booming external trade.


Women in the electronics sector received a pay hike of 6.7% last year against a 13.2% pay hike enjoyed by men.

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