Rally held to augment animal rights

21 February, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


An estimated 400 animal rights activists have braved low temperatures and heavy rains in Taipei to call for the addition of animal protection clauses in the constitution.


The rally wound its way from in front of the Presidential Office to Legislative Yuan, before circling back to Ketagalan Boulevard.


Organisers want animal rights to be added to the constitution to further secure their rights.


The Taiwan Animal Protection Monitor Network says, political parties might have all expressed support for the issue and submitted proposals, but the issue has yet to have been approved by the Constitutional Amendment Committee.


The group says representatives from animal rights groups plan to meet with lawmakers in the coming weeks to urge them to take action so that the amendment can be put to a vote alongside local government elections in November.


Members of the DPP, KMT, New Power Party, and Taiwan People's Party participated in the rally and all pledged to support the issue.

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