Migrant workers now eligible for permanent residency

18 February, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT

The cabinet has approved a proposal by the Ministry of Labor to provide a pathway to permanent residency for migrant workers and foreign students.


The plan will allow for permanent residency applications by migrant workers and foreign associate degree graduates employed in the fishing, manufacturing, construction, and agricultural food farming sectors and as caregivers.


The move is part of efforts to relieve the shortage of "intermediate skilled manpower" and the plan is expected to go into effect in April.


Employers of eligible individuals will have to re-classify them as "intermediate skilled manpower."


Migrant workers will be eligible for reclassification if they have been employed in the designated fields for at least six years, after which they will have to work another five years at that level before they could apply for permanent residency.


While foreign nationals who graduate from a college with an associate degree can be classified immediately as "intermediate skilled manpower" on their first job, once they are earning at least NT$30,000 per month on their first contract.


They can then apply for permanent residency after five years of employment if their salary is at least NT$50,500 per month.


The cabinet says it's hoped Taiwan can retain 80,000 experienced migrant workers and 80,000 foreign graduates by 2030.

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