Taiwan's population continues to decline

11 February, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's population continued to decline last month, with the number of people falling by 0.84% year-on-year.


According to the latest household registration figures, the island's population stood at 23,349,666 at the end of January.


That was a decline of 198,967 people from the same month of last year, and a decrease of 25,648 people compared with December's figure.


The Ministry of the Interior says Taipei saw the biggest decline in population year-on-year, losing 3.2% of its residents.


That was followed by Chiayi County which saw a drop of 1.25% in the number of its residents, and Nantou County, which registered a 1.22% decline.


Matsu registered the largest year-on-year population growth at 2.72%, followed by Hsinchu County at 0.84%, and Kinmen County at 0.69%.


Figures show there were 13,137 births and 15,954 deaths in January.

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