Taiwan's digital certificates

21 January, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Health officials say more Taiwan nationals will be able to download digital Covid-19 certificates used by the government. The system roll-out began at 8am today.


Two types of digital certificates -- one for vaccination status and the other for (PCR) test results -- have been available for download from the government website since 28 December.


But Taiwan nationals needed to input a valid passport number to download them.


Taiwanese citizens can now input their Household Certificate number instead of a passport number to access the system. They also need their National ID number and National Health Insurance (NHI) card number to log in.


The Central Epidemic Command Center says certificates can be saved directly onto a phone or computer or printed out. Individuals can also have them sent to their email address.


The certificates only cover Covid-19 vaccinations and tests administered in Taiwan.

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