President Tsai invited to Honduran inauguration

13 January, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says President Tsai Ing-wen has been invited to attend the inauguration of Honduran President-elect Xiomara Castro.


According to ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou, it received invitations addressed to Tsai from both outgoing President Juan Orlando Hernandez and Castro's camp for Tsai to attend the ceremony on 27 January.


Ou says the Presidential Office will be making further announcements on whether Tsai will be leading a delegation or sending a special envoy instead to Honduras for the occasion.


A Presidential Office spokesperson said that the office will release the members of the delegation once a final decision is made.


Castro had repeatedly said she will sever ties with Taiwan in favour of Beijing during her election campaign.


However, senior members of Castro's transition team have since said that the incoming government will maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan.


Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has also said Castro's team promised that Honduras' diplomatic ties with Taiwan will remain unchanged.

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