CECC recommends booster shots

30 November, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) says it's now recommending that individuals who are considered at a high risk for the coronavirus, and who have already received two vaccine doses, get booster shots.


Those considered 'high risk' are people aged 65 years old or over, residents and employees at long-term care facilities, epidemic prevention workers, people at higher risk of exposure due to their jobs, and people who suffer from rare or serious illnesses or injuries.


It's being recommended that booster jabs be administered six months after a second vaccine shot.


According to the CECC, other people aged 18 and over can assess their own risk of being infected with the coronavirus and discuss the matter with their doctors before getting a booster shot.


Health authorities say the interval of six months between second and third doses can be shortened to five months if the individual has an urgent need to travel abroad.


The CECC will be offering different vaccine brands for people to choose from for their booster shot.


It's hoped that the booster shot rollout could begin as early as 1 January.

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