First-dose vaccination rate hits 77%

25 November, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Central Epidemic Command Center says the first-dose coronavirus vaccination rate has now surpassed 77%, while almost half of the population have now received the two doses needed to be fully vaccinated.


Figures show that a total of 29.7 million coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered.


And that means there is now a first-dose vaccination rate of 77.2% and a full vaccination rate of 49.8%.


Broken down by age, the 18 to 29 age bracket has the highest first-dose vaccination rate of 92% and that is followed by the 12 to 17 and 30 to 49 age brackets, which both have a first-dose vaccination rate of around 89%.


Those aged 65 to 74 are third with 83%.


But seniors aged 75 and over have the lowest first-dose vaccination rate of 73%.


In terms of the second-dose vaccination rate, the 65 to 74 age group is first with 77%, followed by those 75 and above with 65%.


Health Minister Chen Shih-chung says seniors are ahead of other age groups in being fully vaccinated because they were one of the priority groups on the government's vaccination list.


The health minister says the government is unlikely to lift its coronavirus alert anytime soon, despite the growing vaccination rates, as he's stressing that the virus survives longer in cold weather.


However, Chen says it is possible that some restrictions could be further loosened.

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