Level 2 alert extended to 1 November

18 October, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) is extending the current level 2 coronavirus alert for another two weeks to 1 November.


Health Minister Chen Shih-chung says the decision to extend the alert level was made amid ongoing efforts to increase coronavirus vaccination rates.


According to Chen, 62.11% of the population have now received at least one dose of a vaccine, while 22.01% have gotten the two doses needed to be fully vaccinated against the virus.


And Chen says those figures are still relatively low, meaning Taiwan does not yet have enough protection against the disease even if the coronavirus is under control and despite only three domestic cases having been reported so far this month.


The government has said that it's aiming to achieve a 70% first-dose vaccination rate and 30% full vaccination rate by the end of October.


However, some face mask restrictions are now being further lifted.


People will no longer have to wear a mask when they are exercising outdoors as long as they do not have symptoms and can maintain a distance of one metre from other people.


People can also take off their mask briefly for group photos, and when eating or drinking when they are out on the street if social distancing guidelines can be maintained.


Chen Shih-chung also said that the possibility of reopening adult entertainment venues is rising.


Businesses like bars, nightclubs, and dance halls have been closed for almost five months now as part of Taiwan's coronavirus prevention measures.


Asked by lawmakers when these venues could reopen, Chen says that he has yet to see a roadmap for that to happen.


However, he notes as the local pandemic situation continues to stabilize, the chances of them reopening is growing.

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