MOL mulls lifting entry ban for migrant workers

08 October, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Labour says it is considering lifting the entry ban on migrant workers to address the ongoing labour shortage.


The government suspended entry of Indonesian migrant workers in December of last year in response to a spike in coronavirus cases imported from the Southeast Asian country.


It then barred all new migrant workers from entering Taiwan on 19 May due to a spike in domestic cases.


Labour Minister Hsu Ming-chun says the ban could soon be lifted in order to deal with a labour shortage that has been caused in part by the entry ban.



According to the Workforce Development Agency, inter-ministerial discussions are now underway on the matter and the talks are focusing on introducing complementary measures that will enable the gradual lifting of the entry restrictions.


Those measures include providing proof of a negative coronavirus PCR test and 14 days of home quarantine followed by a seven-day period of self-health monitoring.

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