Labour minister supports minimum wage hike

30 September, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


Labour Minister Hsu Ming-chun says she supports increasing the minimum wage.


Speaking at a legislative hearing, Hsu said members of the Ministry of Labour's Minimum Wage Review Committee have discussed the issue and reached a level of consensus on raising the minimum wage next year.


Hsu is not saying how big the increase will be, telling lawmakers only that she believes it will be "reasonable" and a final decision will be made next Friday, when the committee holds its annual meeting.


The current minimum monthly wage is NT$24,000 and the minimum hourly wage is NT$160.


The government raised the minimum wage by 0.84% last year – the lowest increase in five years.


National Development Council Minister Gong Ming-xin says the government was looking to raise the minimum wage by a larger extent this year.


However, the General Chamber of Commerce says its members oppose any increase to the minimum wage.

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