CECC and Taipei ease Covid restrictions

28 September, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) says it will be easing some coronavirus restrictions at movie theatres, sports venues, and train stations this week while more entertainment venues will also be allowed to re-open on 5 October.


Health Minister Chen Shih-chung says people will be allowed to eat inside train stations and high-speed railway stations, but eating on trains will remain banned.


The number of people allowed to attend or participate in indoor and outdoor activities will no longer be capped at 80 and 300.


In addition movie theatres, performances, exhibitions and sporting events will no longer be limited to checkerboard seating and instead once again be allowed to be filled to the maximum capacity of the venues.


Venues will also be allowed to sell tickets on the spot, provided that social distancing can be maintained when people are lining up.


However, people will still be required to wear masks and to leave their names and phone numbers before entering the venues for contact-tracing purposes and the ban on eating and drinking inside venue will remain in place.


Although the relaxed regulations are set to begin this week, specific dates for re-opening will depend on the government agencies in charge of each venue.


The CECC is also planning to allow internet cafes, MTVs, KTVs, and mahjong clubs to reopen on 5 October, if the coronavirus situation remains stable.


But at least 60% of employees at such venues need to have received their first coronavirus vaccine dose 14 days prior to the venues being reopened and patrons must wear face masks.


Night clubs and bars are still banned from reopening.


Meanwhile the Taipei City Government has announced that restrictions on indoor dining at restaurants will be eased, and people will no longer have to be seated apart and divided by plastic partitions when dining with friends or family. The relaxed rules are taking effect from today.


Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je says the easing of the service restrictions was approved as the city has seen zero new coronavirus cases with unknown sources of infection for 16 days.


However, customers will still be required to provide contact information and dividers and social distancing seating arrangements will still be required for indoor dining with strangers.


People who fail to follow those rules face a fine of up to NT$15,000 for violating the Communicable Disease Control Act.

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