European Parliament adopts BIA resolution

17 September, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The European Parliament has adopted a resolution urging the European Union to negotiate a Bilateral Investment Agreement (BIA) with Taiwan.


The resolution is part of a new EU-China strategy report that sets out the parliament's recommendations for the EU's engagement with Beijing.


Members of the European Parliament underlined the importance of trade and economic relations between the EU and Taiwan in the report.


They say the EU needs to "urgently begin the impact assessment, public consultation, and scoping exercise with the Taiwanese authorities" in order to "move towards" the signing of a bilateral investment agreement.


The European Parliament is also calling for "concrete proposals and action" by the European Commission to facilitate Taiwan's full participation as an observer in United Nations agencies.


And the parliament is "expresses grave concern over China's assertive and expansionist policies in the South China Sea, East China Sea and Taiwan Strait, especially China's continued military provocation aimed at Taiwan."

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