Cabinet approves NT$160 billion relief budget

10 September, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan’s cabinet has approved a proposal to allocate an additional NT$160 billion in funding for coronavirus relief and prevention.


The cabinet says most of the additional funds will go towards the government's new round of stimulus vouchers.


A total of NT$120.6 billion has been proposed for the stimulus voucher programme.


Just over NT$6.5 billion has been earmarked for several secondary voucher programmes geared towards specific sectors.


NT$13 million in funding will be allocated in emergency relief for needy families, cram schools, after-school care centres, and sports companies impacted by the coronavirus while NT$18.9 billion has been proposed for coronavirus prevention and control measures.


A majority of that funding will go towards enhancing testing capacity, establishing community-based screening stations, mass vaccination programmes and for the procurement of medication for the treatment of coronavirus patients.


The supplementary budget proposal will now be submitted to the legislature for review.


Premier Su Tseng-chang says the government's next round of stimulus vouchers

will be available for use next month.



The Executive Yuan announced details regarding the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers yesterday, with the premier, as well as economics minister Wang Mei-hua, education minister Pan Wen-zhong, and Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long in attendance.


The vouchers will come in 10 bills, with three NT$1000s, two NT$500s, and five $200s, with businesses allowed to decide whether to provide change for the vouchers or not.


Su says users who want the paper form of the quintuple stimulus vouchers may register at convenience stores starting 25 September, and receive the vouchers starting on 8 October.


Members of the public that register at the Post Office starting on 4 October, will have their vouchers issued beginning on 12 October.


And those who register for digital copies starting 22 September, can begin using their stimulus vouchers by 8 October.

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