Cabinet approves 2022 budget

27 August, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The cabinet has approved the central government's proposed 2022 budget of NT$2.2391 trillion.


The budget focuses heavily on social welfare funding.


It represents an annual 9% increase, but will still leave a deficit of NT$23 billion.


The central government has said that spending is forecast to rise by about 5.9% next year.


According to the cabinet, the largest portion of the budget will go to social welfare, with an allocation of NT$601.8 billion.



Education, cultural and science projects will be getting 20.1% of the budget, while national defence will get a 15.7% share of the budget.


The proposal also shows the economic development programmes will be getting 11.5% of the total 2022 budget.


The budget bill is expected to be submitted to the legislature by the end of the month for review and passage.

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