Art and culture subsidies coming soon

09 August, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The Ministry of Culture says a new coronavirus relief programme offering subsidies of up to NT$2.5 million to arts and cultural groups will be launched in the coming weeks.

According to the ministry, the subsidies come amid concern that arts and cultural activities are unlikely to return to normal in the short-term, despite the lowering of the coronavirus alert to level 2.

Taiwan-registered arts and cultural businesses involved in visual arts, performing arts, publishing, film and TV production, and popular music, as well as other areas, are eligible to apply for the subsidies.

The ministry says the programme comprises three kinds of subsidies – for in-person or online arts and cultural exhibitions and performances; creative work; and talent development.

Each individual or group can apply with one project and the subsidy for each project will be capped at NT$2.5 million.

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