Hsinchu reservoir at full capacity

05 July, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT


The Water Resources Agency says the Second Baoshan Reservoir has reached full capacity for the first time since 22 June of last year. The reservoir supplies water to the Hsinchu Science Park.


Levels at both the Baoshan and Second Baoshan reservoir in Hsinchu had been extremely low earlier this year, sparking concerns production at the science park could have been negatively affected.


Water levels at the Second Baoshan Reservoir hit a record low of 822,000 cubic meters, or 2.6% of full capacity, on 30 May.


However, the Water Resources Agency says the arrival of a plum rain front on 30 May brought significant rainfall to the reservoir, which allowed the Ministry of Economic Affairs to lift water rationing measures on 30 June.

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