Parents feeling strain of Level 3

01 July, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

A survey by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families shows that the recent domestic coronavirus outbreak that has forced people to stay at home is affecting the relationships between parents and their children, with more than half of parents feeling negative emotions.

According to the NGO, 51.4% of the parents surveyed admitted to feeling negative emotions because of the increased time spent with their children since the level 3 coronavirus alert was issued in mid-May.

The survey found that parents were spending an average of seven more hours per day with their children since schools were closed and since many companies work at home policies.

Some 53.3% of parents surveyed said they have had more conflicts with their children while schools have been closed than before the alert took effect, and 31.8% admitted to scolding their children over disagreements.

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families is warning that worsening parent-child relationships during the outbreak could trigger more cases of domestic abuse of youngsters.

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