Nuclear power generator to be shut down permanently

01 July, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Taiwan’s state-run power company, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) says the No. 1 generator at its second nuclear power plant will be shut down for good and enter its decommissioning stage this evening.

The generator at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Plant in New Taipei's Wan-Li District has been producing power for 40 years.

Although its operating permit does not expire until the end of this year, Taipower says it opted for an early decommissioning because its spent fuel pool is almost full.

Taipower has reduced the unit's power generation capacity by about 20% since late February.

According to Taipower, the generator will end operations tonight in preparation for a major overhaul of the unit to make sure it is safe before it is ultimately decommissioned.

The overhaul is expected to be completed in six months.

The plant's other generator is scheduled to operate until March 2023 when its operating permit expires.

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