Rainfall eases water shortages

22 June, 2021

By ECCT staff writers

Water conservation efforts and heavy rainfall over the past few days have further eased water shortages in Taiwan, allowing for the lifting of strict water rationing in central and southern Taiwan.

According to a news release on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, quoting Minister Wang Mei-hua, who hosted a video conference with officials from the ministry’s Water Resources Department, the water situation has eased, allowing Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli to switch from an “orange” level of reduced water supply to a less severe “yellow” level. Meanwhile all restrictions were lifted for Chiayi, Tainan, Changhua and Yunlin. However, Taichung was maintained on orange alert, with reduced water supply due to a slightly lower reservoir storage rate.

According to the new release, the water level of Shimen Reservoir has increased from 9% to 55%, Baoshan-Baoer has increased from 3% to 77%, Yonghe Mountain from 2% to 36%, Liyutan from 1% to 47%, Deji from 1% to 26%, Zeng Wen-Wushantou from 9% increased to 39%, Nanhua from 8% to 100%, while Hushan, Sun Moon Lake, Baoshan and Baoer reservoirs are expected to rise to full capacity with another wave of rainfall this week.

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