May exports up 38.6%

17 June, 2021

By ECCT staff writers

Taiwan's export value in May 2021 was US$37.41 billion, an increase of 38.6% compared to May 2020, according to a summary of trade statistics released by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. According to the report, the cumulative export value from January to May 2021 was US$170.32 billion, an annual growth rate of 30.2%.

In May 2021, the export value of electronic products was US$13.27 billion (35.5% of the total), making it the principal commodity export category. Compared to the same month last year, the export value of plastics & rubber articles and related products, chemicals, base metals & articles of base metal rose by 74.7%, 58.2% and 54.2%, respectively.

In May 2021, exports to Mainland China & Hong Kong, ASEAN, Japan, the USA., and Europe grew by 29.5%, 54.7%, 19.0%, 27.3%, and 57.5%, respectively compared to the same month of last year.

Broken down by destination, exports to China accounted for largest share of total export value (27.9%), followed by ASEAN countries (15.8%), the United States (14.5%), Hong Kong (14.1%), the EU 27 countries (7.5%), Japan (6.4%) and South Korea (4.5%).  

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