High risk areas to get more vaccines

15 June, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) says it will allocate 10% more Covid-19 vaccines to Taipei and New Taipei.

The CECC says the two locations have been hardest hit by the pandemic, and the centre is taking that into account in its next allocation of vaccines scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, it will send 5% more vaccines to Keelung, Taoyuan, Miaoli, Taichung, and Changhua, as these areas are considered to have a higher risk of coronavirus spread.

Health minister Chen Shih-chung also says as the outlying Matzu Islands have already had Covid-19 cases, the CECC decided to send an extra 2,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to the islands in the next round of allocation, as they have limited medical resources.

The announcement was made after the CECC started to allocate vaccine doses to cities and counties around Taiwan as part of its distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine received from Japan.

According to the CECC, it will distribute roughly 660,000 of the 1.24 million AZ vaccine doses donated by Japan to local governments by today in its first round of distribution.

Aside from the AZ vaccine, the CECC will also allocate a total of 75,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine in the next round allocation.

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