Cabinet allocates NT$79.2 billion to vaccines

04 June, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Taiwan’s cabinet has allocated an additional NT$79.2 billion in funding for the procurement and development of coronavirus vaccines.

The funding comes under a broader relief budget that has been approved to fund efforts to contain a recent domestic outbreak.

According to the cabinet, the NT$79.2 billion will be allocated to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which will use it to purchase vaccines and medicine and to fund clinical trials of locally produced vaccine candidates and drugs.

The allocation is part of a NT$260 billion coronavirus relief budget that has been approved by the Cabinet and is currently awaiting legislative review.

The bulk of the relief funds will go to the health ministry, while the Ministry of Economic Affairs will receive the second-largest allocation of NT$58.4 billion, which will be used mainly to subsidize those businesses worst hit by the pandemic.

The Ministry of Labour will receive an allocation of NT$44.9 billion to provide subsidies and loans to self-employed people.

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