Control Yuan to probe "3 11" restrictions

02 June, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Two Control Yuan members have started investigating the CECC’s decision to loosen quarantine restrictions on airline pilots and crew.

Pu Zhong-cheng and Su Li-qiong say the Central Epidemic Command Center’s original policy had worked well.

It was home isolation for 5 days, followed by a test, and if the result is negative, then 9-day self-health monitoring.


But then at a meeting in mid-April, the CECC decided to reduce this to 3 days of isolation plus a test, followed by 11 days of monitoring, despite the worsening situation globally at the time.

This change is widely believed to have caused this latest explosion of confirmed infections in Taiwan.

Pu and Su say they want to take a hard look at the meeting and see why the decision was made and if the decision makers should take responsibility for it.

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