Rain eases electricity and water shortages

31 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Cooler weather has brought a return of stable power supplies while rainfall over the weekend has partially replenished reservoirs.

Electricity producer Taipower expects supplies to remain in the green light range today, with reserves during peak usage estimated to be around 10.5%.

That's just above the minimum 10% required for a green light.

Heavy precipitation in the past few days has caused electricity demand to fall, and the company says electricity reserves during the weekend were between 12-16%.

But Taipower says with so many people working from home, demand for electricity is expected to remain high, and peak usage over the next few days could still hit up to 36.8 million kilowatts.

Usage during the heatwave last week reached 38.4 million kilowatts, nearing the benchmark for a red alert.

Meanwhile the Water Resources Agency says rain over the weekend has brought Taoyuan 14 and a half days of usable water.

A frontal system brought heavy rain to the city yesterday. From May 28 until 6am this morning, the Shih-men reservoir collected 18 million tons of rainwater.

The WRA says Taoyuan uses an average of 1.23 million tonnes each day, meaning this created enough for 14 and a half days use.

However, the agency warned that the Shih-men reservoir remains at only 10.74% capacity.

It has encouraged people to keep saving water as much as possible and economise usage.

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