Can Taiwan produce American vaccine OEM?

28 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Health Minister Chen Shi-chung says Taiwan is preparing to negotiate with the United States over producing American coronavirus vaccines here.

Asked why he didn't enter such a partnership with American pharmaceutical companies as South Korea did recently, Chen answers it's because Taiwan didn't have the necessary technology before.

He says Taiwan is now ready to begin discussion of reaching a Covid-19 vaccine contract manufacturing deal with the US.

Opposition lawmakers have also expressed a lot of concerns about Taiwan-made coronavirus vaccines currently under development, and the Minister says while they are safe, their efficacy rate will need to be determined by experts.

According to Chen, most vaccines available right now received their governments' Emergency Use Authorization when entering Phase 3 clinical study, and Taiwan's vaccine will be the same.

He says even if Taiwan's companies want to conduct phase 3 clinical trials, its results probably won't be accepted by the world as we have had a relatively small number of infections.

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