Measures to add hospital space for Covid-19 patients

25 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) says it is adjusting measures to ensure that there is enough space in hospitals to care for Covid-19 patients.

The CECC says it discussed the changes with local authorities, at the centre's daily briefing this morning.

The CECC says patients receiving hospital care will be tested more frequently, and those with a low viral load may be moved to quarantine and isolation facilities.

Officials say this will free up more valuable bed space for patients who require in-hospital care.

The centre is also asking hospitals to allocate certain beds and negative pressure wards for patients with other medical needs, such as those requiring daily dialysis.

And officials continue to urge the public to be on the alert for misinformation, pointing out that many of these false reports originate from international IP addresses, and have no basis in fact.

This follows the CECC’s confirmation of another 590 domestic coronavirus cases, five new imported ones, and six deaths.

Of the domestic cases, 256 were from a backlog of confirmed test results over the past week.

The domestic cases include 276 cases in New Taipei and 247 in Taipei. Taoyuan reported 25 cases, Changhua County reported 12, Taichung 8, Keelung 7, and Kaohsiung 5.

Tainan and Pingtung County reported three cases each, Miaoli County two cases, and Nantou and Hsinchu Counties each reported one.

The CECC says it has found that 200 of the patients had recently been to Taipei's Wanhua District. Twelve cases were related to other clusters.

Another 138 had "known infection sources", 101 had no links to existing clusters or cases, and 105 are under investigation.

The five new imported cases come from the Philippines, Nepal and India.

The latest cases bring the total number here in Taiwan since the pandemic began to 4,917, with over 3,500 confirmed as locally transmitted infections reported since May 15.

Twenty-nine people have died of the coronavirus in Taiwan to date.

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