Power supply flashes "yellow" amid heavy demand

25 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Tai-Power says its supply system flashed a "yellow" warning light due to high demand on Monday, after a coal-fired generator in Taichung suffered a breakdown.

According to the state-owned utility, the No. 9 generator at its Taichung power plant went offline due to a pipeline shutdown, but power supplies were not interrupted for long because the No. 6 generator at the plant was activated to connect with the grid.

Power consumption nationwide at noon on Monday reached 36,604-megawatts, or 91% of capacity.

And that triggered the "yellow" alert, signalling an operating reserve margin of between 6 and 10% of total supply.

Taipower has now raised its projection for the daily average peak power consumption for this month, from 35,000 megawatts to between 37,200 and 37,500 megawatts.

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