Hong Kong office suspends Taiwan operations

19 May, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office in Taipei has suspended its operations.

The Hong Kong government has given no reason for the move - saying only that it has nothing to do with the recent surge in domestic coronavirus cases here in Taiwan.

However, Hong Kong's Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau has not released any further details concerning why operations at the Taipei office have been suspended.

Reports have been claiming the reason is that Taiwanese authorities have denied a work permit for a new office director - a position that has been vacant since the previous director terminated his tenure nearly two years ago.

The Mainland Affairs Council says it “regrets” the unilateral decision by the Hong Kong office to suspend operations, but it “respects” Hong Kong's move.

The Hong Kong government is now using the 1823 and 1868 telephone hotlines and its website to offer consultations or help for Hong Kong citizens in Taiwan and to provide general information to Taiwanese nationals.

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