Premier dismisses return to nuclear power

10 March, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

Premier Su Tseng-chang is dismissing speculation the government could consider activating the 4th Nuclear Power Plant to produce electricity.

According to Su, such a move is “not a plan B for the government” and it has never considered restarting the mothballed Lungmen plant in New Taipei.

The statement comes amid debate over how Taiwan will be able to generate more electricity to meet future needs.

Speaking during a legislative hearing, Su stressed the 4th Nuclear Power Plant was phased out during the Ma administration in 2014, and it is now impossible to activate it.

Nuclear power advocate Huang Shih-hsiu has initiated a referendum on the possible activating of the plant, and that will be voted on in August.

Huang's referendum will ask voters: “Do you agree that the 4th Nuclear Power Plant be activated for commercial operations?”

However, it has long been cited by experts that any restart of the power plant would take at least seven years.

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