CECC releases vaccine priority list

27 February, 2021

ECCT staff writers

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has published its Covid-19 vaccination priority list, ahead of a planned national immunisation campaign, set to start sometime in March.

The 10 categories on the list include around 15 million people, which would require 30 million doses of current approved vaccines, equivalent to around 64% of Taiwan's population of 23.56 million.

The categories, arranged in order of eligibility, are as follows:

1. Medical and non-medical personnel in hospitals, clinics and government-designated quarantine facilities.

2. Epidemic prevention workers in central and local government; front-line public health officials; airport personnel working in customs, immigration, quarantine and security; village chiefs and workers who deliver meals to people in home quarantine; paramedics and firefighters; Coast Guard and airborne rescue personnel.

3. People with a higher risk of Covid-19 exposure due to their occupations: pilots, flight attendants and sailors on international commercial vessels; drivers of epidemic prevention taxis; quarantine hotel personnel; and workers at ports of entry not included in category 2.

4. Foreign diplomatic personnel and their families in Taiwan according to the principle of reciprocity (ie, if Taiwanese diplomats in those countries are also eligible to receive vaccinations); athletes representing the country at international competitions.

5. Military and civilian police.

6. Residents and staff in long-term care facilities and workers in correctional facilities.

7. Members of the armed forces.

8. People aged 65 and above.

9. People aged 19-64 who suffer from conditions that put them at a higher risk of serious illness from Covid-19; others at risk because they suffer from rare or serious illnesses or injuries.

10. People aged 50-64.

The CECC added that it is currently devising other plans relating to the provision of vaccines to businesspeople and persons travelling abroad to work, study or receive medical treatment.

According to the list, the CECC will consider making self-paid Covid-19 vaccines available if there is extra stock one to two months after the rollout has begun.

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