Four indicted for exploitation of migrant workers

29 January, 2021

Courtesy of ICRT

The Taichung District Prosecutors' Office has indicted four people involved in a labour brokerage company on charges of exploiting migrant workers through wage manipulation.

According to prosecutors, the brokers also used other forms of exploitation by bringing migrant workers into Taiwan using "shell" manufacturing companies and illegally dispatching them to work at construction sites.

The Taichung Labour Affairs Bureau discovered that the brokerage firm had allegedly brought in a large number of foreign migrant workers under the names of manufacturing companies but sent them to work at construction companies after they arrived in Taiwan.

Investigators say the brokerage firm is owned by a 41-year-old woman from Vietnam who has become a naturalised Taiwanese citizen.

And prosecutors say 19 "front" companies were set up to falsely apply for registration as manufacturing factories.

All four suspects face charges of forgery and of the violating the Employment Service Act and the Human Trafficking Prevention Act.

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