Inbound travellers now require negative coronavirus tests

01 December, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT

All incoming travellers to Taiwan must now provide a negative coronavirus test. According to the new “Fall-Winter” regulations beginning today, all travellers to Taiwan, including Taiwanese citizens, must include a Covid-19 nucleic acid test before boarding their flight.

Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) officials note, however, that there are four circumstances under which incoming travellers won't need to provide a test first.

The exceptions include anyone who is returning to Taiwan within three days of leaving, seeking urgent medical attention, attending to family emergencies such as funerals, and any special cases to whom the CECC specifically grants entry.

All incoming travellers will still be required to pay for their own test upon arrival, and will still have to undergo quarantine.

People who fall outside these four exceptions and fail to provide the tests may be fined up to NT$150,000.

The regulations also make it mandatory for people to wear face masks at eight types of public venues.

People failing to adhere to the new regulations will face fines of between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000.

Face masks are now required at: Medical and healthcare facilities, on public transport, at accommodation and shopping venues, at education and learning venues, at exhibition and sports-viewing venues, at leisure and entertainment venues, at places of worship and at retail service locations as well as offices.

Restaurants and bars are exempt from the mandate, but people should hold conversations as little as possible while dining, face masks should be worn when not eating and social distancing guidelines must be observed.

Health officials say the measures are aimed at minimising the chances of transmission of the coronavirus.

The new rules also mean that all arriving passengers will have to provide negative results of a PCR test taken within three days of boarding a flight to Taiwan.

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