Tsai hoping to improve English proficiency within 10 years

24 November, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT

President Tsai Ing-wen is voicing her hope that English proficiency here in Taiwan can improve over the next decade.

Speaking at the first consultation meeting to discuss Taiwan's "2030 Bilingual Country" policy, Tsai described mastering English as being "important for Taiwanese to talk about Taiwan and its values in the international community."

Tsai also told delegates at the meeting that "people should be more connected to the world, now that the international community has noticed the presence of Taiwan and the values it represents because of its success in stopping the spread of the coronavirus."

The "Making Taiwan bilingual by 2030" policy was initiated by Vice President William Lai in 2018 when he served as premier and he specified the "2030 Bilingual Country" plan as a major national policy in June of that same year.

That policy is being led by the National Development Council and council Minister Kung Ming-hsin says it is still in the research and planning stage, but four consultation meetings will be held to collect opinions from a wide spectrum of different sectors.

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