Legislative to establish constitutional amendment committee

15 September, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan has established an ad hoc committee tasked with revising Taiwan’s constitution.


The committee was set up following consensus among lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties and is a necessary part of the review process for constitutional amendments.


Legislative Speaker You Si-kun says the committee will consist of 22 ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers, 14 lawmakers from the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), two from the Taiwan People's Party and one from the New Power Party, based on the various parties’ proportion of seats in the legislature.

There were 11 draft constitutional amendments proposed during the previous legislative session that passed the first threshold of receiving the backing of at least one-quarter of the 113 lawmakers and can now be reviewed under the new committee's structure.


The proposed measures include lower the voting age and abolishing both the Control and the Examination yuans.

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