Sanofi to invest €610 million in vaccines

16 June, 2020

By ECCT staff writers


Sanofi has detailed plans on how the company will make significant investments in France to increase its vaccines research and production capacities, and contribute in responding to future pandemic risks. According to an official press release on the company’s website, Sanofi will invest €610 million to create a new vaccine production site and research centre in France with both dedicated to vaccines.


Sanofi will invest in vaccine production in France and create its Evolutive Vaccine Facility (EVF) in Neuville sur Saône. The state-of-the-art industrial site will utilise the latest innovative vaccine production technologies. The project represents an investment of €490 million over a five-year period, and is expected to create 200 new jobs. Sanofi’s investment has been made possible thanks to the support and the close collaboration with French authorities over the last few months.

The building of the plant will enable Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi's global entity dedicated to vaccines, to be the first pharmaceutical manufacturer to benefit from such an industrial tool and to secure vaccine supplies in the event of new pandemics. EVF is a new type of factory designed around a central unit housing several fully digital production modules that make it possible to produce three to four vaccines simultaneously, versus only one in current industrial sites. This modularity will make it possible to prioritise the production of a specific vaccine in a more timely manner based on public health issues.

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