Government to extend aid plan to uninsured workers, farmers and fishermen

05 May, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


The government says it will provide a one-time grant of NT$10,000 to people not enrolled in social insurance plans as well as to farmers and fishermen who have not qualified for other forms of financial aid.


The payment is part of government efforts to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.


According to Premier Su Tseng-chang, of those eligible for the payments include an estimated 340,000 people who work but do not participate in labour insurance and 1.4 million farmers and fishermen who were not eligible for a previous NT$30,000.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Economic Affairs says it has now approved 983 applications from businesses for NT$2.6-billion in subsidies, which are geared towards businesses that have experienced a 50% drop in revenue in March and April.


And Economics Minister Shen Rong-jin says the government will issue planned stimulus coupons to help rejuvenate the economy in both physical and electronic formats.


The government is planning to provide NT$11.1 billion in coupons to help boost domestic consumption, but has yet to say when it plans to launch the programme.

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