Government targeting 900,000 relief payments by week's end

23 April, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


Premier Su Tseng-chang says some 900,000 people will have received coronavirus relief payments from the government by the end of this week.


The premier is describing the payments as "pre-deployments" for relief and revitalization work, and says they target those most in need, and not the entire population.


Those receiving the funds include 710,000 low and middle-income households and underprivileged people, who will get a monthly subsidy of NT$1,500 remitted directly to their accounts after having already received similar payments for April.

Fifty-eight-thousand out of 100,000 taxi and tour bus drivers eligible for a monthly wage subsidy of NT$10,000 will also receive payments this week.


Meanwhile, 10% of the one million self-employed workers who have joined the labour insurance fund and have an insured monthly salary under NT$24,000, will also receive a single one-time payment of NT$30,000 by the end of this week.


Lawmakers passed an amendment bill earlier this week to expand funding for bailout measures to a maximum NT$420 billion and the Cabinet is expected to approve the allocation of an additional budget later today.

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