Lawmakers clash over recall law

09 July, 2024

Courtesy of ICRT


Lawmakers are licking their wounds and accusing those from\osing parties of instigating the altercation that erupted on Monday and ahead of a planned review of amendments to the Public Officials Election and Recall Act.


Verbal and physical fights broke out after DPP lawmakers occupied the podium of the chairperson of the meeting in a bid to boycott the review. KMT lawmakers had reacted by attempting to physically remove the DPP lawmakers from the podium. That resulted in fights breaking out between lawmakers from the two parties.


The DPP's Lin Chu-yin suffered scratches to her chin and has accused the KMT's Wang Hong-wei of inflicting the wound after slapping her in the face and knocking off her earrings.

Lin is now seeking to sue Wang for assault. However, Wang is painting a very different picture about the melee, saying Lin grabbed and kicked her like a "crazy woman" while the DPP's Huang Jie also kicked her.


The amendments to the Public Officials Election and Recall Act had been proposed by the KMT. They stipulate that the number of votes cast to support the recall should exceed the number of the votes the elected official garnered in the election where the official was elected.


The proposed revisions would require that votes in favour of recalling an official exceed those cast against it and be equal to at least to 25% of all eligible voters.

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