MOL providing 10,000 part-time jobs

14 April, 2020

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Labour has announced the government is providing 10,000 part-time positions for workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic and up to 50,000 more jobs will be made available in the future.


The Workforce Development Agency says the programme is aimed at ensuring that part-time workers who have had their hours cut due to the pandemic's impact on the economy can maintain stable livelihoods.


Those who enrol in the program can work for 80-hours per month for up to six months and they will be paid the hourly minimum wage of NT$158, which means that each employee can earn up to NT$12,640 per month through the programme.

The jobs are being offered by both the central and local governments and the application process will run until December 31 at employment service institutions island-wide.


In separate news reported by Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Premier Su Tseng-chang has approved a plan to build a disease prevention centre in Taipei that will focus on research, development and testing of vaccines.

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